Leader Kim Jong Il in the time of creation of five revolutionary operas

File Name: Leader Kim Jong Il in the time of creation of five revolutionary operas
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It was not unitl the early 1970s when the leader Kim Jong Il brought about a radical turn in the opera creation that opera began to develop into popular art moving the heart of all korean people. Opera in Korea had been in a stereotyped formula until then. Kim Jong Il nursed an idea to end the history of the kind of opera that was far from being an entertainment of the masses, and decided to create a new opera style. After seeing the opera "With the Sunshine" in the Pyongyang Grand Theatre in June 1968, he declared it was high time to put an end to the old-type opera and to create a new, Korean-style one. Later, in the early 1970s, the creation of revolutionary opera "The Sea of Blood", an operatic version of an immortal classical work of the same title, began under the guidance of Kim Jong Il. During the creation, Kim Jong Il gave scrupulous guidance to artists concerned so that they did away with the existing form of opera and produced proper contents and form in all aspects of opera — including music, dance, plot, performance and stage arts — to suit the desire and emotions of the people. Under his energetic guidance the revolutionary opera "The Sea of Blood" became a new type of opera in terms of contents and form, and made its successful debut on July 17, 1971. It was the declaration of the birth of a new-type opera. With this as the beginning, five revolutionary operas, including "The Flower Girl", were successively created in less than two years. Different forms and means from those used in previous types of opera were introduced into the operas: songs were made stanzaic, dancing and pangchang (off-stage singing) were applied, and the running three-dimensional stage art contributed to display of vivid pictures. The creation of the five revolutionary operas paved a new road of development of opera in Korea. "Korea Today" No.660 June 2011

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