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Bloody underwear. Sudden smells you don't recognize. Body hair in places you never knew hair could grow. Mood swings. Cramps. Hitting puberty can be a scary and alien experience for young girls. But, a decade into the 21st century and we still shove away the topic of menstruation into black plastic bags, never to see the light of day. Even mothers skim over details with their daughters leaving these girls to figure out this graphic metamorphosis on their own. In order to bridge this communication gap, graphic designers Aditi Gupta and her husband Tuhin Paul came up with an ingenious idea. Watch the video to find out. Subscribe to BLUSH Language: English, Hindi Genre: Documentary, Human Interest, Non-fiction Credits: Featuring: Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul Produced by: Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd. Creative Head: Akanksha Seda Directed by: Aniket Tari Director of Photography: Piyush Puty Edited by: Arunava Basu Roy Chaudhari, Aniket Tari Colour Correction: Rony D'Souza Sound Mixing: Ankur Shrivastava, Rahul Shinde Production Manager: Amrita Chhabria Marketing: Reema Behl, Tanvi Jain, Shwetal Joshi PR: Upkar Singh, Pooja Nair Design Team: Mallika Tripathy, Jaydev Vaghela Don't forget to Comment, Like and Share!!!! Follow us on Dekkho: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:

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