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Published: 2016-08-27 03:07:15
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HOUSE TOUR ECT .I OWN FULL COPYRIGHT AND GIVE ANY TABLOIDS PERMISSION TO USE THIS VIDEO . (If you want this in writing contact intrigue management ) IN RESPONSE TO FAKE STORIES SOLD BY A BROKE PERSON WHO HAS NOT SEEN US IN 6 YEARS !!! PLEASE DO NOT BELIVE ANYTHING THIS PERSON HAS SAID THEY ARE NOT CREDIBLE AND IN LAWSUIT DUE TO THE FAKE STORIES THEY HAVE SOLD ON US ! i had not finished this video , i had a lot of edits i wanted to make.... and the rest of the house tour however due to 0 time left i am having to post it already . If there is anything else you want to see please leave it in the comments . So guttered how fake stories have been allowed to be printed however i have an amazing team on the case and they will not be for long .... ( GUY IN VID IS MY GAY BESTIE EZRA JAMES)

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